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Owners Bobby Brown and Todd Richesin established BOBBY TODD ANTIQUES, LLC. in 1999 as an extension of the way they live in their own home.  After entertaining friends in the unique loft style home in Knoxville's Old City, they were encouraged to make their lifestyle available to everyone by opening what ultimately became BOBBY TODD.  Their signature style mixes the new with the old seamlessly, and encompasses not only the actual furniture pieces and accessories, but also the intangibles such as scent and sound.

Bobby and Todd love to attend auctions and antique fairs.  After filling their storage space with more pieces than they could ever use in their own home, they decided the time was right to open BOBBY TODD.  Since that time, they have moved from the Old City loft to their dream home, a classic French Manor home in West Knoxville.  Their signature style reigns there as well.  BOBBY TODD embodies their dream of the way people should live and the way they live in their own home - classic, stylish, and comfortable.



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